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First Friday Gallery Walk

2023 Paseo Arts Festival

2023 Guest Artist

Join us for every first Friday of the month for an evening of art, music, food and more! Take a stroll along the Paseo Arts District for extended hours of 6-9PM. 
Interested in being a guest
artist in our gallery? 
Please email to inquire about pricing and send 5-10 high resolution images of your work along with a short artist bio.
Join us on May 28 - 30th for a weekend of local artists, food, music and more!
This event helps fundraise for the
Paseo Arts District.

Guest Artists

Eleazar Velazquez

My name is Eleazar Velazquez. I live in Frisco, TX. I'm a self-taught artist, an activist, a coffee drinker, a dreamer, an over-analyzer, a nature lover, an enthusiast, a visionary, and occasionally some sand volleyball. I draw and create emotion on paper or canvas. My life as an artist has
humble beginnings in Oklahoma City. As a creative child growing up in a home where you valued what you got, All I needed was a pack of markers that came in a yellow box. The ones you could get at any dollar store back in the 90s.The Crayola markers would shape me for my future as a self-taught artist. My work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and geometric shapes. With influences as diverse as Kahlo and Picasso, new combinations of emotions from simple to complex lead me to a series of women in fashion that inspire me. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by color and its complexity in changing the human mind. My artwork comes from my emotion in its present moment. In the end, it is up to the viewer to interpret.

Grand Ballroom
Janet Funk

I grew up on the Colorado Front Range and enjoyed watching the multitude of wildlife. My name is Janet Funk and I am a scratch board artist. I specialize in wildlife and pet portraits. My goal is to create pictures that are unique and beautiful. I work in both black and white and color and believe that an etching can capture so much more personality and emotion than a photograph. With attention to each detail, I can make your picture very personal and a piece you'll treasure a lifetime.

SE Studio
Sheila Minnich

Sheila Minnich has been active in the Oklahoma art venue for many years. Her art mediums range from oils, pastels, acrylics and scratchboard to colored pencils. 

She has been teaching art for over 22 years now from Eastern Oklahoma County Vo-Tech to Hobby Lobby, she is now teaching in Moore, Oklahoma at Masters House Framing and Gallery.

Sheila's work has been shown in art shows from Washington, Texas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and many others. She loves color and texture, but most of all she loves the finished product. 

"I try to live by my favorite Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, 'Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path'. As I paint, I lean on Him and ask for His direction. He hasn't failed me yet, if the painting doesn't turn out as planned then it is a learning experience. I would love for those who view my art to walk away with a sense of delight and contentment with a big smile on their face." 

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