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First Friday Gallery Walk

2022 Paseo Arts Festival

2022 Guest Artist

Join us for every first Friday of the month for an evening of art, music, food and more! Take a stroll along the Paseo Arts District for extended hours of 6-9PM. 
Interested in being a guest
artist in our gallery? 
Please email to inquire about pricing and send 5-10 high resolution images of your work along with a short artist bio.
Join us on May 28 - 30th for a weekend of local artists, food, music and more!
This event helps fundraise for the
Paseo Arts District.

Guest Artists

Connie Seabourn & Kathy Buttry

Connie Seabourn and Kathy Buttry are definitely making Magic in their Paseo One exhibition during the month of May. Seabourn describes their works as a blend of Magic Realism (a term invented by German photographer, art historian and art critic in 1925 to define modern realist paintings with fantasy or dream-like subjects), a pinch of Surrealism, a sprinkle of French Neo-romanticism, and a tiny touch of New Objectivity. Whatever term is applied, these latest artworks by Buttry as well as those by Seabourn portray “real” people, objects, architecture and animals in fantasy settings with supernatural elements. 

Buttry’s imaginative and oxymoronic use of both organic-yet-geometric pieces of color lends a faint feeling of atmosphere, possibly earth and sky, in which “real” things seem to float. “Bold colors excite me…”, Buttry states on her Webpage. Not your typically washed-out colored pencil drawings, her kaleidoscopic views in richly saturated Prismacolor grab the viewer’s attention. Her subjects include local and regional architecture, familiar landmarks, dogs playing, dogs catching Frisbees, as well as non-objective portrayals of somewhat organized hunks of color.

Seabourn, best known for her soul-touching, spiritually charged, translucent watercolors, will not disappoint with this latest showing. Her distinctive artist’s voice (choice of colors, use of varied textures, distinctive use of space, and especially her adept use of layered washes to emphasize the ethereal and magic of both this world and others), makes her paintings immediately recognizable, no matter what subject she paints. Flying spirits, floating flowers, and glowing places of worship continue to haunt both her paintbrush and paper. The exhibition includes many of her new, “splashy” paintings.

This truly magical show may be seen at Paseo One during the 6:00-9:00 pm, May 6th, monthly Paseo gallery walk. It will continue through the end of the month, including the annual Memorial Day weekend during the Paseo Arts Festival   


Grand Ballroom
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Tracey Brauer

Born in Albuquerque, NM, Tracey Brauer began her artistic journey at an early age. Brauer grew up in the Sandia mountains east of Albuquerque and has always been an animal lover. Her great love for animals led her to drawing anything with four legs and fur. Under the watchful eye of her doting, artistic father, Roy Dunlap, Brauer's sketching ability flourished.

As often happens, life has a way of getting in the way of art and after years of family and career building, Brauer returned to her heart's love of art and began painting. She began painting in acrylic; learning much from Jerry Yarnell at his Skaitook, OK studio. From there Brauer began to dabble in oils and watercolor and quickly fell in love with both. Her constant search for ways to improve her craft led her to The Fine Arts Institute in Edmond and finally to the Conservatory of Classical Arts where Brauer is currently in a three year atelier program learning the ways of the classical artist.

Brauer's art reflects her love of realism and  is influenced by her favorites such as David Laffel, Tim Cox, and Tom Browning.

Brauer's art has been shown in several local shows and galleries. She has been named artist of the month by Edmond Art Association on six occasions.

Brauer's motto is. "A day without art, is a day wasted!"

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