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First Friday Gallery Walk

2023 Paseo Arts Festival

2023 Guest Artist

Join us for every first Friday of the month for an evening of art, music, food and more! Take a stroll along the Paseo Arts District for extended hours of 6-9PM. 
Interested in being a guest
artist in our gallery? 
Please email to inquire about pricing and send 5-10 high resolution images of your work along with a short artist bio.
Join us on May 28 - 30th for a weekend of local artists, food, music and more!
This event helps fundraise for the
Paseo Arts District.

Guest Artists

Hilary McQueen 

Since childhood I have created art, either in my head or in my hands. It was a natural progression to move into a more structured form of creating as opportunities arose. 

My name is Hilary McQueen, I am a contemporary-expressionistic artist from Muskogee, Oklahoma where I live with my husband and three young boys. I am currently the art Instructor at Saint Joseph Catholic School in Muskogee. My artwork is deeply inspired by my environment's imperfections, oddities and nature. I use my imagination to interpret the interplay of color and texture in its environment. I portray these elements in flowers, water, leaves and people.

I hope the viewers find my paintings inviting yet provoke a reflection of endless allure. 

Grand Ballroom
Kurt McDaniel

Kurt McDaniel is a nature and landscape photographer based in Oklahoma. His love of photography began when he developed and printed his first images at the age of 12. After leaving a long
career in the computer field, he is feeling much better now, and his return to photography is helping him to overcome his PTITSD (Post Traumatic Information Technology Stress Disorder). Kurt’s images often depict the things and places that people are too
busy to notice. When asked if he photographs weddings, Kurt was heard to say “No, the people just get in the way of the flowers!”
Currently his work is on display at Paseo ArtSpace Gallery and The Contemporary Art Gallery in Paseo.

SE Studio
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