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Carla Waugh

Carla Waugh was born in Albuquerque New Mexico to parents who were working artists. Carla’s parents put a paint brush in her hand at an early age and this began a fascinating  journey for Carla who started delving into the world of art.


With the inspiration from her mother and father who took she and her twin to museums and galleries cemented this interest.  Carla can not remember a time when she has  not worked on art or created art. Carla taught art for 37 years and worked as an artist. Carla Waugh is an Oklahoma artist born to Native Oklahoma artists. Carla Waugh recently retired as an Art Educator/Artist. Carla has shown in many galleries in Oklahoma and will be showing out of state. Carla is a full-time artist with a twin sister who is also an artist.

Art Shows and Galleries:
IAO Revolve
OVAC12x12 2015-2017
OU fictive Selves of Color
Seven State Show in Chickasaw
NAC 2014-2017 Fundraiser
ARTini Arcade Allied Arts
Art Studio 112 and a half 2017
Nasty Women’s Art Show 2017
Inspire 2017
NPS Book of art
Moveable Feast 2017
Paseo Gallery One
Prairie Collective Paseo
SeaDragon Gallery NC

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