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Jo Swigart

Born in Alva, OK and raised in west Oklahoma City, from a young age art and creativity was instilled within Jo by her mother who is an artist in her own right. Drawing has always been an outlet for her whether it be an emotional outlet or a way to help others see the beauty beyond what we ordinarily see. "I have always been a bit different, but raised to face the world and fit where I need to be". This is what a strong-willed mother brings. 


Initially pursuing an education in architecture, it abruptly stopped when she had the opportunity to make art for a living with tattoos. A tattoo artist for 17 years, owning her own studio for 13 of that before she had to retire due to rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. Her work has been published in nine major magazines as well as two coffee table books. 

"This has been a journey of self-discovery and reinventing myself through an art and the outlet that allows me to share my deepest emotions, insecurities, admiration, and all around crazy fun ideas with the world in a visual way. Painting is deeply healing and the act of doing so is extremely enlightening through the challenges I place in front of me." 

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