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Shirley Briggs Houx

Shirley was born in Oklahoma City.  She developed an interest in art at an early age, studying the basics of drawing and painting in high school.  After marrying, having four children and engaging in an active business career, she continued her formal art education at the University of Science and Art of Oklahoma, where she graduated with honors and a professional degree in 1988.  

IMG_2245 (1).jpg

She has continued her studies, attending numerous workshops with local and nationally know teachers.  Though painting remains her primary form of expression, Shirley’s talents are varied.  Exploration in other mediums has resulted in recognition of her works in printmaking, pastels and ceramics.  

Preferring to paint from life, Shirley loves the immediacy of painting “plein arie’ on location, furnished with her unlimited subject matter.  The resulting spontaneity and freshness in her landscapes is echoed in her still life’s and portraits.

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