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Past Events

2020 October Guest Artist
Laura Sohl-Smith

This month we will be featuring work from guest artist Laura Sohl-Smith. Laura is currently a student of the Scientific Illustration Distance Program with plans to create accurate, detailed, and concise educational aids for scientists and students.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.06.24 AM.png
2020 June Guest Artist
Taylor Young

I was born into a family of artists and art enthusiasts in Iowa in 1979. They supported my work over the years as my career and artistic perspective unfolded. For me, even at an early age, art provided stability. It’s an outlet, a focus and a passion in my life.


Art has remained a strong influence, a love, and a life. My current work is a confluence of realistic, spare, modern symbolism. I am inspired by the human form and nature. I create images based on my life experience and memories to create iconographic images in a divine light. Often, I will use geometric elements to juxtapose with the natural lines of the human form or vegetation – skulls, mollusks, flowers. My process organically developed through an amalgamation of my training and experience. I use charcoals to give my pieces intricate detail with stark contrast and to create definition of meaning and line. I use watercolors to define pops of delicate color as an exploration of life and essence. The overall objective of my work is to create a focused meditative experience that explores life, nature, and the divine.

2019 May Guest Artists
Dustin Caballero, Brenda Carleton, Jason Wilson, Edna Woofter, and Tracey Brauer
Tiger family & other Native artists 

Paintings, sculptures and fabric art by members of the Tiger family and other Native American artists will be for sale at Paseo Gallery One during a show that starts Dec. 7 and continues through Jan. 2.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Tiger family’s Legacy Cultural Learning Community, a Muskogee-based foundation designed to teach Native culture to children. Dana Tiger’s work has been featured for years at the Red Earth Festival.

Hvresse Tiger draws and paints portraits of “youthful, fashionable women,” her mother said, as well as Native-themed art featuring her young son as a model. Lisan Blair is a sculptor.

Dana Tiger said she looks forward to talking to fans of her family’s work and all Native American art. Tiger is the daughter of Jerome Tiger, whose work became internationally known even though he painted professionally for only five years before his death at age 26.

The show will also feature original paintings and prints by such artists as Big Bow, Robert Redbird, Archie Blackowl and Woody Crumbo, and alabaster sculptures from the collection of Duane Taylor of Moon River Studio in Yukon. Some pieces will be in the show only on opening night.

2019 February
Guest Artists

Join us for the month of February to view works from our featured guest artists Berta Santos Pinet, Roland Haney, Lola Tepe, and Jill Rhoades. First Friday evening, guest artist Jill K. Rhoades, will be signing copies of her illustrations in the book "It's Game Day Bullet," written by Jennifer Cunningham.

Berta Santos Pinet, Roland Haney, Lola Tepe, and Jill Rhoades
2019 January
Guest Artists
Connie Rish, Jason Wilson, and Monica Jackson

Please join us to celebrate the New Year with new work from our seven resident artists and guests artists Connie Rish, Jason Wilson, and Monica Jackson.

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