November Guest Artists

Robert Smartt

Hayley Mitchell Lee

More about the artist Hayley Mitchell Lee:

My passion for all things creative started at an early age and became more formally focused during summer programs at the Rhode Island School of Design. I went on to study illustration at the University of Kansas before working in the graphic design field. Motherhood brought new challenges and creative opportunities. I was recruited for many different projects including face painting for school fundraisers and haven’t put the brush down since. I am enthralled by diverse art forms: music, dance, sculpture, painting... In their unique creative processes, they have a natural kinship with one another and the world around us. Art is not an object, it is an expression and connection of the spirit that we all share with one another. Within my art there are references to the passage of time through emotive strokes inspired by music and nature. Color is a natural vocabulary that gives voice to my work, sometimes with urgency, yet with repose of umbers and darks, my focal point can be made apparent. I enjoy painting landscapes, abstracts, still life's as well as people, anything to further explore and hone the craft of mark making and expressing. I hope to create and represent a reality... with honesty.