Virginia B. Johnson 

Much of my childhood was spent outdoors in the South of France where the blues of the sky, sea and lavender blooms, the greens of the vineyards and the pine covered hills, and the bright yellows of the broom blossoms gave me a deep appreciation for the joy of color. When I discovered colors in the tubes of paint in my uncle’s magic paint box at 16, I wanted to use them to bring the colors I loved to life in paintings.


Born in Detroit, Michigan


Primary school in Moussan, France


Secondary school at the College de Jeunes Filles, Narbonne, France


Art studies at the Beaux Arts in Montpellier, 1959-1960


Art Studies at the Kansas City Art Institute,1974-1975


B.S.E. in Art and French, Central Missouri State University,February 1978


M.S.E. in Art Central Missouri State University,(now UCM)  May 1981


National Endowment for the Humanities workshops at Phillips University, Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Arkansas, (1984-1999)


National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship to do research in France on Art and Artifacts from the Roman occupation of Gaul under Gilbert Gaudin (inspector General of History and Geography for the schools of France), 1994


Classes at the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University, 1984-1999


Taught at every level from elementary through University from 1975-1999

Virginia B Johnson
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