December Guest Artists

Jessica Petrus, Lawrence Naff, Olivia Lopez, & David Joshua Jennings

More info about David and his December show:

David Joshua Jennings’ interest in photography began with and grew alongside his interest in travel. Jennings spent nearly all of his 20s on the road, traveling through more than 50 countries. During this time his camera served as a means of exploration as well as its justification. Without designs, he documented his journeys and allowed his craft to grow organically through experimentation and error.

“Mongolia, Oklahoma” is a collection of landscapes and horse imagery from Mongolia and Oklahoma. In the summer of 2015, on the day he turned 30, Jennings flew from India to Mongolia with the intention of exploring the country’s nomadic culture. What he found in the landscape and people stirred up memories of his childhood close to the land in Oklahoma. The two places were radically different, but vibrated somehow with the same energy for him. “Mongolia, Oklahoma” is an ongoing project, exploring and linking the two geographies through Jennings’ eye, heart and camera.