Featured Artist Kris Fairchild

Kris Fairchild

A lifelong Oklahoman, Kris Fairchild was exposed to art and creativity at an early age. As a child, her summers were spent either at camp or playing around her father’s stained glass studio. She graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in formation art. Although for many years she worked in other fields ranging from managing retail to advertising, her passion has always been for art and nature. Over the years, Kris has taught art classes ranging from ceramics, to sculpture, to painting and spends her summers volunteering with children’s camps. For over a decade, Kris has enjoyed sharing her work at a variety of art festivals, fairs, galleries, and restaurants. Her work is in private collections across the US, Europe, and Canada.

Kris’ paintings each explore symbolism thru images of nature, fantasy and geometric shapes. Mandalas and trees are both often showcased in Kris’ paintings. To her, the mandalas represent balance, harmony and unity. They are symbolic of the universe. Trees represent life and growth. They are a symbolic of wisdom, strength, beauty, and protection. Many other images also find symbolism in her paintings. Kris’ paintings combine a variety of techniques and bright colors giving the paintings an energetic and vivid look, as if the light is glowing through them. The structured geometric patterns next to the more free forms of nature and whimsy invite the viewer to experience the joy she finds in life.