Sue Rogers 

Sylvia "Sue" Rogers was born in Louisiana and spent her childhood several places across Texas. There she developed an appreciation of the beauty of the landscape. After coming to Oklahoma and graduating from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, she finished studies in nursing at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City, and then returned to her first love, art, by attending the University of Arts and Science of Oklahoma in Chickasha.  No one was surprised when she returned to academia and received a fourth degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Higher Education in art.


Sylvia has held offices in several local art organizations. She is a sought after judge because of her vast knowledge of many different media, has taught workshops, and has chaired numerous shows. Although she has a wide knowledge and talent in pastel, watercolor and pen & ink, she finds herself drawn back to her box of oils. The feel of placing the soft buttery paint on the canvas, the strokes produced, is not matched by anything for this Oklahoma artist.


Some years ago on a trip to New Mexico, she found the excitement of plein air painting. Wanting to share, she began to organize "painting journeys." Her painting travels have taken her to Europe, Canada, Mexico and many places across the United States. She continues to organize painting journeys for small groups of colleagues and friends. One of these fellow journeymen was quoted "Sue Rogers is a talented and generous teacher and group leader. She strives to make my painting experience more enjoyable than any teacher I've known."


Wherever she travels, there is usually a sketchbook at hand for watercolor and pen & ink sketches which serve as inspiration to the light filled landscape paintings that Sylvia is so well known for. Locally she loves the camaraderie of painting with old and new friends in the studio and in plein air

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